Saturday, 31 December 2016

year end

After a very mild Christmas, the weather changed and gave us the sort of crisp, sunny and frosty mornings that always lift the spirits.

So hard was the frost the other morning, it looked like snow and on the allotment transformed even the mundane into things of beauty.

Such hard frosts are not so welcomed by the birds and this little robin was hopping hopefully from fence to fence.

And what is the best thing on a cold, frosty morning but a bowl of porridge.

.... and with juicy, tart cranberries, even better.

We come to the end of 2016 with thankful hearts chez fenland lottie and wish everyone a peaceful, healthy and happy 2017.


Friday, 23 December 2016

Christmas ..... and a time to celebrate

This year Christmas at fenland lottie is extra special.
Over the last 3 months our dear girl has undergone a gruelling series of chemotherapy treatments to treat her lymphoma.
There is no denying that the treatment is brutal ; extreme nausea, exhaustion and the loss of her beautiful auburn hair just some of the side effects BUT  two weeks ago her treatment finished and the latest scan shows that it has been 100% successful and the cancer has totally gone!
As you might imagine, this news was met with jubilation and not a few tears!

Though the past few months have been very challenging, as a family, we have received many good wishes and met some lovely people along the way and amidst all the bad news in the world, it has been heartening to be reminded that most people are warm and friendly and caring.

There has been little time for blogging over the past weeks, but I am hoping that normal service will resume in the new year!

Wishing you a very happy and peaceful Christmas.

annjenny x