Friday, 29 June 2012

woodwalton fen nature reserve

... one of the last fragments of undrained fen still left in East Anglia, now part of the Great Fen Project.

This lovely reserve, just up the road from us, is atmospheric and otherwordly, with its long dykes and billowing reedbeds. It gives a glimpse of how the fens used to be before they were drained, when fen folk made a living from eel catching and wildfowling

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Oh dear, oh dear ......

...the melon plant has succumbed to the unpredictable British weather and in particular, to the cold wind we had a few weeks ago. As novice allotmenteers, mr digandweed and myself are having to learn fast and in retrospect, I think the plastic tunnel did not give the best protection and maybe the fleece which we replaced it with would have been better. HOWEVER ..... the melon has been replaced with a butternut squash plant (hurricane) which I grew from seed, along with some courgettes ( gold rush) on the bedroom window sill and then put into the cold frame for a couple of weeks.

Growing butternut squash is also a new venture, let's hope it proves easier than melon growing!

Monday, 18 June 2012

first precious harvests...

The first of our strawberries - really sweet and delicious!

The posh strawberry mats are courtesy of our local carpet shop which, the other day, had a pile of samples outside with a sign saying 'free, please help yourself'!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Mr digandweed is usually rather camera shy......

but agreed to have his photo taken especially for this blog

.....before harvesting the first of our potatoes.

The rocket potatoes, a little later than we expected, but delicious with sausages, roasted squash and steamed curly kale for supper.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

the accidental melon - part 2

After a few weeks growing nicely in the cold frame, I decided to plant the melon into its final position in one of the raised beds. With the help of mr digandweed, we constructed a type of cloche from plumbing tubing and polythene. The 'cloche' was open at the ends, for ventilation and because it was easier to construct like that!

Feeling very satisfied, we watered and tended the plant for about 10 days ..... BUT ... on going down to the allotment this morning a sorry sight met our eyes! The gales of yesterday had wrecked havoc, not only was the cover ripped off, but the plant was suffering from a lot of scorching from the wind.

Several metres of fleece and half  an hour later and the melon has a new type of protection.

I am not sure how sturdy this new 'cloche' will prove as the wind is still very blustery. Melon growing is proving more tricky than I thought!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Diamond jubilee weekend

The British weather did its worse again this weekend with non stop rain yesterday, but today bank holiday Monday and the sun is out intermittently, although with a very cold wind.
A half hour trip to the allotment meant some time to do a bit of weeding and with the very wet ground the weeds came up  easily.

The bees are enjoying the chive flowers.
Some of the plants in the salad bed: red salad onions 'apache': beetroot 'kestrel' and spinach 'bordeaux'
And individual 'jubilee' victoria sponges filled with vanilla buttercream and rhubarb compote.